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Current Flooring Trends: Benefits of Large Format Tiles
Jul 21 2016

Current Flooring Trends: Benefits of Large Format Tiles

Large tiles are becoming all the talk lately. If you’re looking for the hottest current flooring trends, large format tiles are the way to go. Some will even say the bigger the tiles the better. In case you don’t know, traditional sized tiles are 12″ x 12″, but these days people are doubling, or maybe even tripling that size. And it’s not just a few materials or finishes that you can do this with, but tons. You can get all your favourite looks expanded to remarkable proportions. People are using these everywhere from personal spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, to commercial spaces and corporate buildings. Not only do large format tiles look classy and attractive, but they have other benefits that you may not even think of.


Open Space

For starters, large tiles easily create a nice, open space. If your goal is to make a room or a hallway appear larger than it really is, larger tiles will effortlessly create that illusion for you. This holds true because grout lines tend to make spaces feel more restricted. Small tiles do the exact opposite and make spaces appear smaller than they actually are. The fewer the grout lines the better.



Not only do large format tiles completely open spaces up, but they definitely add a nice touch of luxury to them as well. It’s a known fact that large rooms and long hallways are a sign of wealth, and sometimes the type of tiles you have can make all the difference. Large format tiles are a great way to add elegance on a budget.


Easy Maintenance

Of course if there are less grout lines the floors will be easier to clean. Grout is what traps stubborn dirt and stains. With large format tiles your floors will look nicer for much longer, and in turn this will save you a lot of time and money.


Please contact us to learn more about this popular and growing trend.

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