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Mar 20 2016

Going Green – the Best of Current Flooring Trends

Think spring! Now is the time to shake off the cold chill of winter. Trees begin to bud and flowers start to poke up through the freshly thawed soil. We trade our snow blowers for lawn mowers, put away those winter jackets and prepare for renovation season to begin!


Spring is the perfect time to take those dream renovation plans and bring them to life. Regardless of which project you choose to tackle as the weather turns warmer, don’t forget the most important aspect of completing your vision… the element that will make the boldest statement and become the canvass for the rest of your design: the flooring.


Why go green? According to Health Canada, we spend 90% of our time indoors. Our homes have 10 times more pollution than the air outside and, with enough exposure, can even make us sick (RFCI). So, when planning your renovation, showcase the best of current flooring trends; make a healthy and stylish flooring choice and go green!


Choosing a green floor. Updating your kitchen? A cork floor is softer underfoot due to natural resiliency… perfect for preparing family dinners. Tile floors are durable and make cleaning a breeze. Family or play room renovation? Carpet squares are easy to maintain and eco-friendly.


There are many different types of green flooring, deciding which is right for your project depends on the area of application and your personal aesthetic. JBG Tile & Contracting is well versed in green flooring options. Contact us today to design your renovation and learn more about which green flooring products will bring your dream to life.

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