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Refresh Your Home With Wood-look Porcelain Tile

While wood floors continue to trend as a popular flooring, its “cousin” the wood-look porcelain tile, is making just as strong a showing. This flooring trend is appearing everywhere and in a variety of looks and styles. While tiles continue as a popular choice, it is the wood-look tile that is really gaining steam.


Tile is often chosen because of ease of maintenance. For instance, clean up is easy, it repels moisture and stains, it’s more easily repaired if damaged and is very versatile, appearing anywhere from bathrooms to dining rooms and older home to modern. Tile now offers those who love the look of wood the opportunity to have that look without worrying about issues that can arise with a wood floor. If you worry that your hectic lifestyle, the family dog, and your young children could over time cause damage to or mar the beauty of your wood floors, a wood-look tile may be the answer. Every look that you love in real wood, is now manufactured in a wood-look tile.




Size, shape, color and finish of wood flooring is replicated in porcelain tile. Whether you are a traditionalist and like the look of narrow plank wood or it’s the wide plank wood that suits your fancy, the choice is out there. Whether you desire smooth tightly grained wood, rustic dark large planks, or a more pronounced grain, your wants can be met. And with colors from gray ash to chocolate-brown to a white oak and everything in between, the choices are endless. Whatever look you appreciate in real wood is found in tile.




Tiles are just as flexible in patterns and shapes as real wood. Herringbone patterns are easily reproduced. The look of short planks or planks up to sixty inches is all possible. Imagine your great room in a wood-look tile laid out in a unique pattern created just for that room or laid out to look like planks of wood in different shades of gray. With a little imagination and working with an expert tile contractor, the layout of your new tile floor is limitless.


Wood-look tile is matching the wood floor industry step for step. If you like the look and beauty of wood, but feel it won’t work for you, then contact us for a conversation about the latest trend: the wood-look tile. We’ll work with you to get the look you desire.

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