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Taking Tile Flooring To A New Level
Oct 03 2016

Taking Tile Flooring To A New Level

Tile is a classic material for floors because it’s durable, available in a wide range of styles and materials, and relatively easy to keep clean. There’s a new flooring trend showing up lately that takes a classic tile floor to a new level: the use of multiple sizes of tiles in one floor. The result is a floor with loads of dimension and style, that turns a ‘classic’ material on its head!


Kudos to the designers who came up with this notion, because its producing a lot of beautiful results in homes all over Canada and the GTA…


Here, a clever designer (or perhaps the homeowners themselves) take it up a notch by varying not only the tile sizes, but also using multiple tones of the same colour for a truly interesting and unexpected kitchen floor.

A Designer
A bathroom floor looks calm, but has depth at the same time, thanks to the use of different tile sizes.
Arc House
Another kitchen floor with mismatched tile sizes, this time in limestone for a stunning effect.
An open floor plan with a kitchen and sitting area uses multi-sized and multi-tones of tile for a floor that’s got the “wow!” factor, yet blends seamlessly with the furnishings.
Mixed sizes of travertine tile form a faux runner down a beautiful hallway.
Detailed Hallway



It pays to think outside the box when it comes to creating a memorable floor and tile provides an excellent format for doing just that. If you’re in Toronto or the greater Toronto area, contact us for more great tile floor ideas and one of the best selections in all of Ontario.

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