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JBG Tile & Contracting Ltd | Getting the Best for Your Money: What should you expect when you hire a contractor?
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Getting the Best for Your Money: What should you expect when you hire a contractor?

Home improvement projects come with a variety of stresses. There is the issue of budget and need as well as adjusting to living in a construction zone if you are staying home during the project. Choosing the right contractor to handle the elements that are out of your skill set should not be one of them. What should you expect when you hire a contractor?


Research Potential Contractors

The field of contractors grows by the day. It is important to research any and all potential contractors before you decide on yours. Take your time during this process.

  • Perform a professional background check on all choices. Check with your local building and codes office to see how often they stay within the rules.
  • Ask for references, and contact them! Take notes as you speak with each former customer. When talking to past customers ask about habits, working conditions, hours, and satisfaction with the final product to name a few elements.
  • Ask potential candidates for their work history. Make sure they have an extensive level of experience with the elements involved in your project.
  • Research the subcontractors they use.


Meet with Your Choice Before the Project Begins

Choosing a contractor is not a decision to take lightly. It is important to meet with your choice before the project begins or contracts are signed.

  • Lay out your expectations for their work, cleanliness, and hours.
  • Talk about the final product.
  • Stress your budget and how important it is to stick with it.
  • Ask how many people you can expect to be on the job site at any one time.


Protect the Rest of the House

Your contractor should focus on the area of the house the work takes place in. It is important to understand how they are going to protect the rest of the house during the project. Here are some questions to ask your choice before agreeing to the job.

  • What type of plastic sheeting will they use to seal off the area?
  • How do they address potential airborne issues?
  • How do they contain the work related garbage? Do they provide the dumpster or do you need to rent it for them?
  • What happens if they discover an issue that has potential consequences throughout the home?


Every situation is different, but these points should help guide you as you choose your next contractor. If you have further questions or want to talk about your project, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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