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JBG Tile & Contracting Ltd | Why Should you Choose a Licensed Tile Installer over a DIY Project?
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Why Should you Choose a Licensed Tile Installer over a DIY Project?

The entire staff at JGB Tile and Contracting thinks that DIY projects are great. We know the deep level of pride and satisfaction a person gets from completing work around the house themselves. However, as a group of professionals with a passion for perfect construction, we know that there are some home projects where DIY just won’t cut it.


Installing tile is a long and detailed process. It requires expertise, finesse, and perfection. When tiles are installed incorrectly, they sag, shift, slide, bubble up, and even fall off. No one wants that to happen to their special tiled area. If you’re looking to install new tile in any room of your house, please read on to learn why we think you should choose a licensed tile installer:


  • Professional Tile Installers Practice Safety: DIY projects that require installing tile also mean that you should learn everything about how to safely install tile. There are many things to be careful of, so it’s best to leave the planning and labor to an experiences installer who can do the work without injuries.
  • Professionals have Formal Training: You can watch all the Youtube videos you want, but you can’t call that formal training. Sure, someone made it look simple on television or the Internet, but please don’t be mistaken. The process of correctly installing tiles is better left to the professionals who have received formal training. By hiring one, you’re sure to get your tile installed quickly and without hassle.
  • Tile Installers already have the Equipment: Do you really want to buy all of the materials needed to do your own tiles? Professionals have everything that tile needs to be secured permanently to your wall, floor, or pool. By hiring a professional, you’re sure to have all the equipment that’s needed and you can avoid those pesky emergency trips to your local hardware store.
  • Tilers have Strong Work Ethics: Tile installers take a great amount of pride in the work they do. For them, the tiling is usually standard but the project is always special. Your tile installer will complete the task as fast as he or she can, and they will leave you with the amazing tile flooring or accent wall you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Professionals Comply with Building Codes: Some DIY projects result in home additions or upgrades that aren’t up to code. This can have serious consequences if you ever decide to sell your property. Working with a professional means not worrying about whether or not your tiling is up to code.
  • Tile Installers are Always Learning New Skills and Techniques: New tiles, new shapes, new adhesives. These new techniques in the industry are always being studied and improved upon. Feel free to ask your professional tile installer some questions you have. Chances are high that he or she has already studied the newest trend.
  • Professionals Install your Tile Correctly the First Time: Many DIY-ers think they install their tile correctly only to find that the tiles slip out of place, bubble up, or just plain fall off. In the end, most call for professional help to mend the mistakes they made in the past. You can skip all of that by simply calling a professional from the start.
  • Tilers are Perfectionists who will Produce Flawless Tile Accents: You can try as hard as you want, but, if you get off in your tile design by even a centimeter, that tiling job will look horrible. Professional installers know how to keep everything in line with perfect precision. They will complete their work without errors and present you with exactly what you’ve been wanting in your home.


Hiring a professional tile installer doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Not every home project is fit as a DIY project. At JBG Tile and Contracting, we think hiring professionals is the best way to ensure you get the job done quickly and perfectly. Please contact us today so we can discuss all of your design plans.

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