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JBG Tile & Contracting Ltd | Introducing Commercial and Residential Demolition Services From JBG Tile & Contracting
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Home & Commercial Demolition Services
Mar 20 2018

Introducing Commercial and Residential Demolition Services From JBG Tile & Contracting

MISSISSAUGA, March 20, 2018: We now offer demolition services in addition to our usual home renovation and tiling services, allowing our customers to use JBG Tile & Contracting for even more aspects of their upcoming home or commercial renovation projects. As one of Ontario’s leading home renovation contractors, our new demolition services allow us to expand our repertoire of services, enabling us to provide our customers with an even more thorough home renovation experience.


JBG Tile now has the “Bull Floor Scraper” in its possession, adding it to our personal arsenal of tools and equipment. The Bull Floor Scraper is a state-of-the-art tool which allows us to speed up the demolition process and effortlessly remove floor coverings such as commercial carpets, sheet goods, hardwood, rubber flooring, sports surfaces, and even the vast majority of ceramic tiles from a variety of properties. Though we’re used to tiling, we’re having to get used to demolishing them too!


The machine will prove to be invaluable for commercial clients, who need a demolition contractor who can remove large amounts of heavy duty flooring materials in limited timeframes. Commercial buildings are designed differently to homes, usually necessitating floors which are much sturdier and more resistant to damage or stains. In addition to this, they are also usually bigger than homes, meaning that the job of demolition can be a daunting one.


Nonetheless, our new demolition services (and the arsenal of tools we have to go along with them) allow us to tackle residential and commercial demolition projects with ease, combining our tools with our knowledge and experience in order to get the job done.


Our team is highly experienced in a range of home renovation, tiling and flooring projects, with them becoming increasingly experienced in demolitions projects too. The addition of a bull nose scraper to our collection of tools makes us a formidable contractor in the greater Toronto area, as we continually strive to bring customers in the GTA the very best in renovation and demolition services.


We are very excited about the future of JBG Tile & Contracting, hoping to expand our services even further in the future. As we expand our specialties to include more services, we look forward to growing our customer base and providing even more clients with the level of professionalism and customer service that our existing customers have come to expect.

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